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The world’s #1 CRM for manufacturers
Optimize your cash flow with better sales forecasts, shorter sales cycles, and improved conversion rates.

Top 5 reasons to use Salesforce for manufacturers

Manufacturing companies often operate according to their own specific business model. Their end customers and go-to-market channels vary just as much as their product catalogs, options, and related services. In this context, the world’s #1 CRM is also the CRM of choice for manufacturers, thanks to its customization and integration capabilities. What are your top 5 reasons?

  1. Increase sales and conversion rates
  2. Optimize cash flow, supply chain, and production using more accurate sales forecasts
  3. Shorten your sales cycles
  4. Increase customer satisfaction
  5. Strengthen your partnerships and distribution channels with customer and partner portals

Benefit from our experience with manufacturers

Our teams of consultants, business analysts, functional analysts, scrum masters, developers, QA specialists, and Salesforce architects have completed hundreds of projects with manufacturing companies. Benefit from their business acumen and technical expertise to accelerate your business.

What are the pillars of our Salesforce practice for manufacturers?

The pillars of our practice are stated into our company culture motto: “We Care. We Lead. We Deliver.”

  • We Care: About the success of our customers and our colleagues. We are attentive, listen and are dedicated to the development of individuals and organizations.
  • We Lead: By learning from all, whether they be customers, employees or globally recognized experts. We also lead by challening and accompanying our customers.
  • We Deliver: SOLJIT has always stood out from other consulting firms by its ability to deliver high-quality projects on time, which is necessary to generate and maintain a momentum of continuous improvement.

Here are a few more details about our services and capabilities for manufacturers:

➔ Summit-level Salesforce Partner

SOLJIT has been doing Salesforce projects since 2011, providing services to a wide-variety of discrete and process manufacturers. We are a Summit-level Salesforce Partner, the highest tier Partner of Salesforce. We’ve helped all kinds of organizations operating in a wide variety of sectors, including manufacturing, banking and finance, transport, entertainment, marketing and communications, real estate, retail, educational, governmental, nonprofit, and more.


➔ Our Salesforce experts are certified

Our team boasts Salesforce certified architects, business analysts and developers, to ensure that you get the most out of your solution, from project kick-off, to implementation, to handoff.


➔ From programs to managed services

Whether you need a strategic multi-cloud implementation program, a single cloud project, or managed services, our Salesforce service packages for manufacturers are flexible and include programs, projects, managed services and banks of hours (which can be used for support or for the continuous improvement of your platform).


➔ Salesforce quickstart packages

Quickstart packages for manufacturers are designed to get you up and running quickly with a standard Salesforce implementation. Although these packages have limited options, they do include business analysis, project management, some level of customization, basic dashboards, data import and training.


➔ Salesforce development & apps

Using agile development and the best of the Salesforce platform, our teams can tackle highly customized projects, including the development of plug-ins, mobile apps, and more.


➔ Salesforce training & support

Business analysis and implementation are only half of the battle. The onboarding phase is just as important, if not more, and that is why we train and support you in order to reach your adoption targets. New tools and systems only work if people use and enjoy them. We can do in-person or video conference training for manufacturers, regardless of their location.



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Expanded: Salesforce CRM benefits for manufacturers

1. Connected sales

Manage your customer journey to increase close rate and shorten your sales cycle. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, your sales team can;

  • Stay focused on the leads with the highest priority and best chance to close.
  • Follow sales guidance at every step so they always use the best methods, documentation, and demos to close.
  • Use quoting templates and automated workflows to standardize and accelerate your sales cycle, including approvals, from quote to cash.
  • Connect your sales to your marketing and support departments, so they can have more contextualized interactions with customers.


2. Connected service

Customer support and field services can both be managed with Salesforce Service Cloud.

  • Customer support – Automated case creation, tracking of all communications with customers on all devices, access to all customer information and help librairies to hasten case resolution.
  • Field services – Assign and schedule jobs, dispatch to the right employee or team, and track status right from Salesforce.


3. Connected partners

How can you get more out of your partners? By giving them the tools that will make it easier to do business with you. The easier it is to identify, select, buy, and resell your products, the more business your partners will drive, and the stronger the relationship will be.

  • Quoting tools
  • Partner portals
  • Custom apps and web pages
  • And more


4. Connected operations

With a real-time view of your pipeline and won opportunities, you enable your operations to better plan their supply chain.

And thanks to the robustness and flexibility of the Salesforce platform, you can integrate sales data directly into your ERP or accounting system to streamline operations further.


5. Connected products

By using the Salesforce API, insights on how your customers are using your connected products can be surfaced in Salesforce to:

  • Provide guidance on product development
  • Upsell additional products or services
  • Engage customers in real-time
  • Identify support needs
  • Identify new business opportunities

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