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Testimonials from our clients
Our customers are our best ambassadors. Here are some of their testimonials.

Proud to work with them

SOLJIT has been a Salesforce Partner since 2013. Over time, we have helped countless organizations in a wide variety of sectors, as well as developed several specialties, namely for clients in manufacturing, software and SaaS, financial services, professional services, government, transport, nonprofits and much more.

SOLJIT helps you step back to better understand your challenges and goals, and determine the best business solutions.


Companies in the manufacturing sector often operate according to their own model, with different particularities for each company. The end customers and marketing channels vary as much as the product catalogs, options and related services offered.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience in modernizing and optimizing the processes of many manufacturing companies. It’s part of our DNA.

‘‘ SOLJIT is a great partner! They are very knowledgeable, but also very flexible and able to adapt to our fast pace and multiple requests. I look forward to working with them in the future.  ’’
Raphaelle Gagné
Sales Operations Manager
‘‘ SOLJIT transitions smoothly from listening to making it happen, all while providing best practice recommendations to maximize the use of standardized and well recognized solutions. They truly rely on senior resources. ’’
Yves Richard
VP of IT & Digital Transformation
‘‘ The SOLJIT team is highly competent and efficient. It is a pleasure to work with them. A very qualified and proficient crew. ’’
Timothée Ferraz
IT Development Coordinator
‘‘ The SOLJIT team was extremely helpful during the entire process. It couldn’t have been any smoother, and I attribute that to the experience and professionalism of their people. The SOLJIT team was extremely helpful during the entire process. ’’
Spiro Plagakis
VP Product Management

Software and SaaS

SaaS companies operate in very competitive industries, some even subject to the rule of the winner takes al Accelerating sales operations and continuously improving the customer experience at all levels become critical to capturing new market share and increase its ARR

We know how to adapt and maximize the different modules of the Salesforce platform to accelerate software and SaaS companies towards achieving their business objectives. Our expertise in the field is not punctual. It is recurring.

‘‘ We have received great value from the project with the SOLJIT team. The business outcome is close to 4x revenue in 6 months after the Go Live.  ’’
Marc-André Guindon
‘‘ The SOLJIT team was fast to engage when we called them with an emergency issue that disrupted our business. The consultants and developers assigned to the project recommended reliable and definite solutions. We are extremely satisfied by the service. ’’
Pilar Miralles
Senior Manager, Go-To-Market Strategy and Planning
‘‘ SOLJIT is a great partner to work with. Their analysts are competent and detail-oriented. They maintain good communication throughout the length of projects. ’’
Matthieu Cardinal
Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Financial services

Financial services are one of the sectors of the economy most disrupted by digital transformation. Whether in banking, business services, insurance, wealth management, real estate management and investments, financial markets, loan management or others, B2B and B2C customers now expect intuitive and optimized experiences of A to Z.

Every day, we help financial services companies improve their internal processes and their external experiences.

‘‘ SOLJIT is supporting us for the delivery of critical projects that enable us to automate our sales, connect to our back-office, and generate substantial savings. They are definitely the best kept secret in town! ’’
Claude Moureaux
Strategic Marketing
‘‘ SOLJIT has been a tremendously valuable Salesforce partner for our team. They have saved us from the poorly developed applications done by larger, nationally recognized firms. They get it right the first time. ’’
Charles Fischer
Associate, Hotels and Hospitality
‘‘ The SOLJIT team has won our business with the depth of their expertise, and their personal touch. ’’
Jay Sallafranque
Technology Manager

Professional services

Digital transformation is crucial for professional services firms for several reasons, including improving operational efficiency, creating better customer experiences, and accessing new business opportunities.

We are masters in supporting professional services firms by helping them define a strategic vision, invest in the right technologies and foster a culture of change, while ensuring data security.

‘‘ SOLJIT is a very reliable partner. They are always available to assist us and facilitate change and improvements related to our business needs. Thank you to the entire project team! ’’
Sarah Mitchell
‘‘ SOLJIT’s capacity to understand our business needs right from the start, and guiding us in making the best decisions, was key to the success of our Salesforce project. I recommend working with SOLJIT ’’
Vincent Hamel
Partner, Director of Finances
‘‘ We did a Sales Cloud and Service Cloud project with SOLJIT, including the integration of a 3rd party application to our Salesforce. We are greatly satisfied by the work done by SOLJIT.  ’’
Me Manon Lemay
Office of Business Development and CS

Public sector

Whether it is to deliver services at the municipal, provincial or national level, manage programs, or improve experiences in health or education, governments, institutions and organizations in the public and parapublic sectors face major challenges of change. technological and cultural.

Our support, implementation and change management services for the public sector allow all contractors to achieve their objectives while respecting the high standards of their institution.

‘‘ SOLJIT showed professionalism and pragmatism throughout our Salesforce integration project. They translated our needs into well-thought user experiences. The project was on-time and on-budget.  ’’
Ludovic Merle
Project Manager
‘‘ SOLJIT was quick and efficient in understanding our systems, and providing valuable feedback on how we could improve our CRM. With them, we know we are in good hands. I highly recommend them for Salesforce projects! ’’
Linda Cléroux
VP of Finance


Price management, coordination of sales and operations, and tracking of goods are among the many critical elements in the operation of companies in the transport sector.

We are experts in managing this complexity and continuously improving these processes through industry-proven best practices.

‘‘ Our experience with SOLJIT was, and continues to be, outstanding. They know everything about Salesforce and helped us formalize our own sales processes.  ’’
Domenic Santini
Executive VP & CTO
‘‘ The team at SOLJIT was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They made our project a positive success.  ’’
Matt Olson
Implementation Manager


The daily activities of NPOs/NPOs are very diverse and varied, ranging from fundraising campaigns, to serving their clienteles, to the management of programs, volunteers and events.

We have a very long experience in supporting many organizations to initiate or continue their digital transformation. It is always a pleasure, and an honor, to help organizations that give back to people and society in improving their operations.

‘‘ SOLJIT is a real partner for Leucan. They are proactive, available, and really understand our needs. Thanks to their work, we are better able to manage our donors, and do even more for the children and families that we help every day.  ’’
Marie-France Bilodeau
Annual campaigns and donation
‘‘ We had the good fortune to work with SOLJIT through a recommendation. We had been trying to integrate two systems for several years without success. SOLJIT was able to do it in record time. ’’
Martha McClew
Director of Operations
‘‘ Working with SOLJIT, we were pleasantly surprised about how they managed to learn and work with our internal complexities and strict deadlines, fixing and improving our platform in the short term, while considering the long game. ’’
Marko Balaban
Director, Programming & Awards
‘‘ The people at SOLJIT are responsive, personable, and enthusiastic. It is a pleasure to work with them. They also maintain good communication. ’’
John-Frederick Cameron