Salesforce Integrations & Mulesoft

Get a 360-degree view by integrating your systems
We integrate your Salesforce CRM with your ERP, accounting system, and other third-party applications to provide you with a 360-degree view of your customers.

Top 5 reasons to integrate your other systems to Salesforce

Having a single source of truth for your customer data enables your teams to work together, creating more coherent and contextualized experiences. With its secure, flexible, and reliable APIs, Salesforce enables you to create the 360-degree view of your customers. Salesforce also offers the Mulesoft module, to automate the integration between Salesforce and large numbers of 3rd-party systems. Here are popular integrations to the Salesforce CRM:

  1. ERP / PRE
  2. Accounting system
  3. Electronic signature application
  4. E-commerce application
  5. LMS / Learning Management System

Why focus on continuous improvement for your integrations ?

As organizations grow, the number of software/SaaS applications they use increases. On average, once a company exceeds 1,000 employees, it already uses 177 applications. Customer data becomes scattered across different systems, making it increasingly difficult to have a 360-degree view of customers and their history with the organization. Without this unified view of customer data, it is impossible to create the efficient, seamless, and personalized customer experience that they expect. The solution to this problem is to integrate systems to obtain a single source of truth around which all business functions can work. This gradual integration approach can only succeed by following the principle of continuous improvement, prioritizing integrations that will bring the greatest benefits to your customers and internal teams. The flexibility of the Salesforce platform allows all organizations to undertake this journey with confidence.

How businesses use software

25%Only 25% of business executives say their organization is efficient in sharing data (source: Forbes).
47Organizations of 100 employees or more use on average 47 different software or SaaS (source: Better Cloud).
177Organizations of 1000 employees or more use on average 177 different software or SaaS (source: Better Cloud).

Take advantage of our integration expertise

Our teams of consultants, business analysts, functional analysts, scrum masters, developers, QA specialists, and Salesforce architects have completed hundreds of integration projects. Benefit from their business acumen and technical expertise to accelerate your business.

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