Integrations with Salesforce

Integrate systems to break silos
We integrate all types of systems to your Salesforce platform, including ERP, accounting systems, and other third-party applications, to enhance your operational efficiency.

Why is it so important to share data across systems?

The only way your teams can deliver the best possible customer experience is by having a deep understanding of the customer itself. To achieve this, it is necessary to break down silos between teams, departments, and systems, so that all customer-serving business functions (marketing, sales, customer service, customer success and partner teams, etc.) have a comprehensive view of the customer’s history with the organization. And this 360-degree view of customers and accounts can only be achieved by integrating systems.

From the customer’s perspective, the 360-degree view ensures that their interactions with your staff and processes are contextualized and personalized using information shared across teams.

Benefit from our integration expertise

Our teams of consultants, business analysts, functional analysts, scrum masters, developers, QA specialists, and Salesforce architects have completed hundreds of integration projects. Benefit from their business acumen and technical expertise to accelerate your business.

Why choose to work with SOLJIT? What sets us apart from other partners ?

Our greatest advocates are our clients. Our track record demonstrates our ability to deliver complex projects, of superior quality, on time. Behind these successes are competent and dedicated individuals who embody our company culture: We care. We lead. We deliver.

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